Review: Ogle, The Indian Netflix

Ogle India

I got to know about Ogle from my friend @SathyaBhat. I follow many TV shows and majorly relied on torrents to watch them since there was no other way. When I saw Sathya tweeting about Ogle, it immediately caught my attention.

Ogle was in closed beta & I requested for an invite. It took couple of days to get invited. The whole sign up process is quite complicated for an average user since it involes lot of manual work. And hence it took about 2 days to get my hands on Ogle post getting the invite.

Currently Ogle uses Plex to make content accessible to it’s users and hence the setup is little complicated if you need to begin with Plex. For me I was using Plex already which made setup process much easier. Once I was in, it surprisingly had pretty much all the shows I follow. At this moment, I can’t mention the names of the shows, which can result in violation of content rights and Ogle may lose the content.

But yeah, it streams good, catalogue is well updated, I went through few seasons of a show I always wanted to watch without a problem. It’s working like a dream right now.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing Ogle has closed new registrations for beta. You might want to follow them on Twitter to know when it will be open again.

Why I Find Uber Cab Unreliable and Uncomfortable?

uber screen

In last one week I have used cab services for at least 7 – 8 times, mostly between Uber and Ola. I have been using Ola as goto option and Meru as fallback option. For last week I made it Uber and Ola. So here is why I find Uber’s way of working is uncomfortable.

No Advance Booking

Uber doesn’t have advance booking, you book and you have a cab in 15 to 30 mins. It sounded great until a situation which happened last night. I was out for valentine’s day dinner, and I really wanted to use Uber. Throughout the dinner I had to keep a tab on Uber to see whether cabs are nearby. Everytime I saw, it showed me ETA of 20-25 mins, so I thought to book it 30 mins prior leaving. And when I was about to book, the cab disappeared and I was left with “no cab available“. Then I had to book an Ola to go home. In case of a Ola or a Meru, I would have done advance booking and stayed peacefully at the event.

Enforcing Low Wait Time

For some reason drivers want you to take off as soon as they arrive. Though I only asked them to wait for 10 – 15 mins.

No different from a typical rikshaw driver in peak time

When I tried booking at around 7 last evening, Uber said because of high demand fare at that moment has been doubled! Reminded me of rikshaw driver demanding “Meter one and half agathe saar” (1.5 time the meter). I was disapponted with Ola for charging Rs.50 extra during peak hours, but asking for double is unacceptable for me.

Apart from this, service of Uber lives upto it’s name. But may not be a good option if you want reliability and peace of mind.