My Gunnar Roadie – probably the third Gunnar in India!

I have been riding since 5 months now and Marin Fairfax SC2 has been a great hybrid bike to get me started. Since I got hooked and started doing longer rides consistently, I decided to switch to a Road bike. After several visits to several shops over a period of a month, I decided on Cannondale Synapse with 105 groupset. But no one had my size in stock and no one was ready to give me delivery timelines. One of the dealers said it could be as late as January 2017! My second option was between Merida Ride and Marida Scultura (Endurance and Race geometry respectively). Since Chethan, whom I bought my Marin deals with Merida as well, I decided to pay him a visit. There I got to test ride a Scutura of a fellow biking friend Pancham Bharadwaj. After riding Scultura I felt that I can adopt to Racing geometry (I started bike search with Endurance geometry in mind). While discussing these points, Chethan showed me his Gunnar and explained me advantages of a steel frame! I just nodded my head telling to myself “this isn’t for me” (expensive!) and went home with lot going in my head.

I wanted to carry out my independent research on steel frames and Gunnar. The more I dug, the more interested I became in getting a Gunnar. All the reviews said ride quality is very smooth on a steel frame because of it’s vibration dampening properties. Gunnar uses air hardened, heat treated steel which makes it possible to make frames lighter with no compromise on strength (normal steel would make them a lot heavier). I had a look at the frame, It was beautiful and handcrafted! Steel is also highly durable as they say “steel frame is for life”. I test rode Chethan’s Gunnar and I could feel the difference and the ride was plush. I went ahead and gave a green signal to build a Gunnar Roadie!

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Picture Credit: Chethan Ram

I have done around 600+ KM on my Gunnar at the time of this writing and I really enjoy the ride quality i’m getting out of it. I recently went on my first 100+ KM ride on it, more on that soon. Overall, I feel it’s the money well spent!

Since people choose this option rarely and unavailability of the brand in India, AFAIK this is the third Gunnar bike in India unless someone else imported.